Inner Brisbane

Local Expertise

With over 24 years in the industry, we've established ourselves as the go-to experts for inner Brisbane real estate, understanding all aspects of our local market.

Inner Brisbane


We pride ourselves on offering tailored services, ensuring every client enjoys a seamless and personalised real estate experience.

About Us

Visible & Accessible

Our strategic location in Spring Hill isn't just for show; it means we're always within your reach, ensuring accessibility and visibility.

Local Presence

With over two decades serving inner Brisbane, our deep-rooted connections give us an edge.

Media Mastery

Our properties frequently feature in prominent media outlets, from the Courier Mail to television shows like "Hot Property", ensuring your property gets the spotlight it deserves.

Client First

Every strategy and decision is tailored, ensuring our clients' success and satisfaction remain at the forefront.

Property Management

Trust in Experience

Our vast property portfolio in inner Brisbane is a testament to our expertise and trustworthiness in property management.

  • Tenant Selection: We ensure only the best tenants for your property.
  • Maintenance & Inspections: Regular checks to guarantee your property's value.
  • Maximised Returns: Emphasis on low tenant turnover and income continuity.
  • Hands-off Management: We handle day-to-day tasks, keeping you informed.
  • Future Growth: Strategies to enhance your property's capital growth.
Our Services

Our Main Focus

Property Mastery

With over 24 years of unmatched expertise, we've carved a niche in inner Brisbane's real estate, offering unparalleled insights.

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Innovative Marketing

Our intelligent and creative marketing strategies ensure maximum property exposure, from digital platforms to traditional media.

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Client Satisfaction

We prioritise your needs, ensuring every interaction and transaction is smooth, efficient, and tailored to your preferences.

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Need the Best Team for Your Property?

We can manage the sale or look after your property with expertise