Tenancy Forms

Tenancy Forms

All forms should be printed, filled in, and either faxed to 07 3839 5007 or
scan and email to rentals@innerbrisbane.com.

Tenancy Application

All applications are processed Monday - Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm. Our aim is to let you know as soon as possible if you have secured a rental property through our agency. 

Prospective tenants are only permitted to submit an application after viewing a property. "Site Unseen" applications will not be considered.

Applications may take up to 48 hours to process, subject to reference and employment checks. We will only submit your application to the property owner after all applications on the property have been completely processed

For more information on our tenancy application process, please visit our page dedicated to providing information to prospective tenants. 

Maintenance Request All maintenance requests are to be in writing. It is important to indicate the urgency as well as what arrangements you want in place to allow access for a tradesman. Please be specific with your requests which may include recording the make and model of broken appliances and please email any relevant photos to rentals@innerbrisbane.com.
RTA Change of Shared Bond This is a copy of the standard RTA Form 6 - Change of Shared Bond Arrangement. This form is used when a tenancy is continuing and there is a change involving tenants who contributed to the bond. It is NOT to be used where one tenancy ends and ALL different tenants start a new tenancy.
RTA Notice of Intention
to Leave
This is a copy of the standard RTA Form 13 - Notice of Intention to Leave. Regardless of whether you are at the end of your lease, it is essential that you give 14 days notice to leave. If you wish to leave before the end of a fixed term lease, then the Terminate a Fixed Term Tenancy is used though you will need to contact a property manager to discuss the matter first.

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