Guide to Selling

Guide to Selling


Selling Tips
The preparation you put into getting your property ready for sale can be the difference between getting an average price and a great price. There are also the all important administrative steps throughout the selling process. This guide aims to help you make selling your home a good experience.

- Choose an Agent
The value of obtaining a realistic price, using the most efficient method of sale and selling your home sooner will far outweigh the cost of employing a professional. Your choice of Agent is crucial to the success of the sale of your property. Don't go with an agent simply because they give you the highest price; go with them based on their record and reputation, their presentation and their ability to communicate with you and with buyers.

- Appoint an Agent
Ensure the appropriate PAMD forms (including Appointment to Act forms) are signed with your chosen Agent.

- Decide on the Method of Sale
You may choose to sell your property "for sale", by auction, or by tender. Each has its own advantages and it is advisable to speak to your Agent about the benefits of each method if you are unsure.

Generally, auction is more successful where you have a quality property for sale in a buoyant market. An auction attempts to attract more than one qualified buyer in the marketplace which allows them to bid competitively and maximise your sale price. A skilled auctioneer can add significantly to your end result. Most auction marketing periods run for approximately four weeks.

Private treaty may be employed where your property is a unique property which will be very highly sought after. This is generally only employed at the luxury end of the market.

- Marketing
The importance of marketing your property intelligently and effectively cannot be underestimated. It is well worth investing in a marketing plan, which should be developed in conjunction with your Agent. This plan should be tailored to the needs of your property and the current market.

There are many different ways of exposing your property to the potential market place and a good Agent will logically point out your options. This will generally include internet, newspaper and other media, flyers or brochures and window cards.

Internet listing exposes your property to an enormous number of potential buyers. Our website is optimised to feature prominently in Google searching, and receives an enormous amount of enquiry. We also utilise and to advertise your property. From April 2004 onwards our office has received up to 38% of the email enquiry and viewing for inner city suburbs such as Spring Hill (source:, which indicates just how successful this is.

We regularly sell property to overseas and interstate investors from the internet, sight unseen.

Our properties frequently feature as editorial properties in the Courier Mail Saturday real estate section.  We have also featured some of our properties on the television show "Hot Property".

You can be assured if you are listing your property with us, it will receive the highest possible exposure to the maximum number of interested buyers.

- Presentation
A poorly presented property sends out a signal that your property is not cared for and can significantly impact on the final price. A buyer will find it harder to become emotionally interested in a property that does not have a 'well cared' for look, and buyers are more likely to find faults when it is poorly presented. Therefore, it is important to do whatever you can to enhance the presentation, and ensure your property looks at it's absolute best for all inspections and on sale day.

Here is a short list of things that will distract buyers from the good points of your property:

Cracks in windows
Peeling paintwork
External dirt (your home should be externally clean and free of cobwebs)
Doors, windows or gates that stick or do not close correctly
Weeds in paths, patios and driveways
Leaves and other debris on paths or around the house
Unkempt garden beds
Fences falling down or overgrown

Animal odours in the house
Evidence of damp on walls
Cigarette or strong food odours
Stains on carpets
Mould and mildew in bathrooms and kitchens

- Inspections
It is important that your house be cleared of too much personal clutter. If necessary, remove all but strategic and attractive furniture items to enhance the presentation. A bunch of fresh flowers is highly attractive in many rooms. Lights should be left on strategically if parts of the house are dark.

Evidence of occupation should be minimal. Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms should be sparkling clean and very tidy.

Many firms offer presentation services of furniture, artworks and feature items to ensure that your house is presented 'just right'.  Visit some properties which are open for inspection to see how your property can be successfully presented.

- Contract of Sale
When you have negotiated an acceptable price for your property, you will need to sign the Contract of Sale. Your Agent should assist you through this process.

If you are unsure of your obligations in relation to the contract you should seek independent legal advice. Once a contract is signed you should appoint a Legal Representative to conduct the conveyancing for you.

- Settlement
Your legal representative will finalise the transaction and advise you of settlement.

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