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Brisbane is young, dynamic and vibrant, and is now known as the lifestyle capital of Australia.

Each year it attracts not only residents from overseas, but also people from southern states seeking warm weather, value for money housing, great beaches, but most importantly the lifestyle for which this city is famous.  In fact, Brisbane's highest number of new residents each year come from NSW, principally Sydney.  Since the late 1990's, the city has developed into a sophisticated centre with a revitalised city centre, urban fringe districts, great food, street cafes and boulevards, a good contemporary art scene and cultural life, and thriving nightlife.

For contempary art, music and general hipness, go to the Valley, the urban heart of Brisbane.  Enjoy the music and the nightlife - not for nothing does the Valley style itself "Loud and Proud".  Catch breakfast at New Farm, and enjoy the ambience of a riverside cafe with your latte.  Visit one of the great contemporary art galleries, or the Judith Wright Art Centre while you're on the way.  Visit the CBD for great shopping and the botanical gardens, and then wander over to South Bank for a cultural experience alongside the wide reaches of the river.


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Spring Hill attracts buyers with its unique appeal benefiting from the enormous interest in inner-city living. Spring Hill sits north of the CBD bounded by Gregory Terrace, Wickham Terrace, parts of Ann Street and St Pauls Terrace, and Warry and Kennigo Streets and is one of Brisbane 's few areas that successfully combine residential living with commercial and professional activities. Spring Hill is continuing with the makeover that started more than 10 years ago. Many of the old and dilapidated houses have been immaculately restored or new, architecturally designed homes have been built in their place. It continues to attract Brisbane 's professionals and attract...

Spring Hill

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