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Understanding Landlord Insurance

Let’s talk about insurance, an area that we believe is not always done as well as it should be. Insurers and policies do vary quite a lot but at first glance, appears to be the same. Importantly, are you paying too much but not properly covered? Continue reading...

Changes in House and Unit Prices over the Last Quarter and Year

We provide the median house prices across Australia showing the change in the last quarter and the last year. Brisbane houses have performed respectably but not so with units. Continue reading...

Brisbane Tenants Enjoy Steady Rents Again As Supply Stays High

Brisbane investors will have to get used to getting less from their rental as rent prices on houses stagnate for another year. Popular blue-chip suburbs have recorded some growth, but downward pressure is present in most locations in the Brisbane area, according to the latest figures from the Domain Group’s rental and house price report. Continue reading...

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