Former Spring Hill International Hotel Proposal

Former Spring Hill International Hotel Proposal Proposed Medical Centre

The development application for 525 Boundary Street in Spring Hill covers the former International Hotel, a two-storey building sitting empty opposite St Andrews War Memorial private hospital. Lodged by Silverstone Developments, the application seeks to reuse the existing facade of the character commercial building to create a 10-storey mixed-use development with retail and medical offices built in.

The proposal is for a high-quality commercial podium-tower form which will provide large floor plate medical suites," the asssessment report says. The site is in the city fringe area of Spring Hill, which is experiencing significant demand for healthcare services consulting.

It is anticipated that the proposal will provide a supplementary role to the nearby St Andrews War Memorial Hospital. The new building will incorporate the facade of the 1880s-era building.

The development would include 149 parking spaces with parking access from Torrington Street, 26 bicycle parking spaces and end-of-trip facilities.

The assessment report also notes council's city design guide for "cities that breathe" with deep planting, hanging gardens and rooftop planting to green the building.

Most of the original building will be demolished for the new building but the existing facade kept. The extent of demolition is notable; however, the key elements of commercial character
are considered to be the original portions of the front facade.

The building was originally constructed in 1888, however significant modifications to the structure have occurred over time. As a result, limited architectural elements of the original building have been retained. A number of features such as the verandas, doors, windows, parapets and the interior of the building have been replaced and do not reflect the original character of the building.

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