Smoke Alarm Inspections

A Balanced & Fair Approach

The Palaszczuk Government announced on Friday 17 April 2020 that smoke alarm inspections are to continue amid the COVID-19 restrictions.

The minister clearly stated smoke alarm inspections will continue to ensure no property owner or mum and dad investor loses their home because of Coronavirus and the new arrangements that have been established.

Queensland MP Mick de Brenni said the Government "will make sure that property owners and their agents can still access the property for emergency and essential repairs. In particular for things that are about health and safety. Tenants will still be required to allow an electrician [or technician] to come in and make sure their smoke alarm is still functioning."

“It would be a terrible outcome if through the protecting of tenants we saw the loss of life because we didn’t have a nuance approach to access the property.” Mr Benni said.

The framework and established set of guidelines will be published in the next couple of days and made available online on Wednesday 22nd April.

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