Temporary COVID-19 Tenancy Measures


Minister for Housing and Public Works, Minister for Digital Technology and Minister for Sport
The Honourable Mick de Brenni
Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Palaszczuk Government will continue to listen and work with stakeholders in the finalisation of new temporary COVID-19 tenancy measures.

Housing and Public Works Minister Mick de Brenni said the underlying purpose of the moratorium is to sustain tenancies during the COVID-19 pandemic period as this is the best possible outcome for owners, property managers and tenants.

Mr de Brenni said guidelines would be worked through with stakeholders representing tenants, property managers and owners to resolve any concerns before Parliament considered the package.

The Guidelines for Residential Tenancies Impacted by COVID-19 would be published to provide further clarity to the industry.

“Queensland was one of the first states out of the gate," the Minister said.

“Clarifications to the framework will be addressed through stakeholder consultation on guidelines.

“There is also the strong expectation that banks continue to offer assistance to property owners.”

Mr de Brenni said that despite some misinformation that had been circulated, no framework introduced in Queensland advocated for a permanent reduction in rent.

“It is plain wrong to say that our framework allows tenants to unilaterally demand a rent reduction, or leave the property without first proving they have lost their job and are in significant hardship.

“What is true, is that tenants affected by income loss due to coronavirus can apply for Commonwealth income support and ask to negotiate a temporary and fair rent reduction, which will be supported by an independent conciliation process to ensure that no party gets ripped off.

“Coronavirus-affected tenants must be able to provide proof, but detailed personal information needs only to be provided to the Residential Tenancies Authority.

“This system is designed to protect property owners by ensuring there is complete clarity around the terms and duration of any temporary arrangements.

“Additionally, an increased set of grounds upon which a property owner can take back their property have been proposed, which include the need to move in, the need to sell the property, damage to the property or anti-social behaviour that breaches the rental agreement."

The framework, published on Thursday 9 April, outlines a temporary and targeted package, with Guidelines to address matters including substantiating loss of income, eligibility for the framework and duration of application of the framework.

The government has encouraged all parties to consider the frequently asked questions published on the covid19.qld.gov.au/the-hub website and indicated the Guidelines would be published in coming days.

Mr de Brenni said the Queensland framework and Guidelines were designed to enable the government to respond flexibly to the concerns of tenants and property owners due to the changing nature of the pandemic.

Australia’s largest states have all now announced their framework to implement the Prime Minister’s moratorium on evictions with most jurisdictions in majority alignment.

Since Queensland announced its COVID-19 rental framework last week, Victoria, Western Australia, and New South Wales have since released their frameworks to implement the freeze on evictions across the country. 

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