Information for Vacating Tenants

Giving Notice 

Notice to vacate your property MUST be done in writing using the RTA form 13 (or equivalent), always giving at least 14 days notice. If you wish to leave before the end of a fixed term tenancy, then you will need to discuss this with your property manager to find out how this can be done and what it would typically cost to do so.

It is essential that you pay rent in advance right up to the vacate date and not expect any rent arrears to be deducted from the bond. This is a breach of your tenancy agreement and would be treated as such.

Services & Utilities

When vacating, you will need to:

  • notify Origin on 13 24 63 to cancel your electricity account. Origin Energy require 6 working days notice when you are vacating in order for them to take a final meter reading. Please do NOT ask them to disconnect the power.
  • make arrangements with your local Australia Post Shop/Office to redirect mail to a new address remembering that they normally take THREE working days to activate such a request.
Recommended Contractors

General Cleaning

AJT Prestige Cleaning
One Stop Property
0449 784 981
0411 305 412
Carpet & Pest Control Safe Clean 07 3823 2333
Handyman DMC Consultancy - Damien
Ask Lisa - Peter
0414 694 639
0409 255 812
Gardener Abydoss Garden Maintenance 0429 744 955


Preparing the Property for Vacating

Please refer to the tenancy agreement, agreement annexure, condition report and inventory that you signed at the beginning of your tenancy so as to ensure you understand all your obligations at the end of the tenancy.

We remind you that when your tenancy commenced, you agreed to leave the property in a clean and undamaged state. Should this not be done, then we will ask you to come back and fix the problem(s) within 24 hours. If this then fails, we will ask professional contractors to deal with it.  Please note the property owner reserves the right to disallow tenants from re-visiting the property to rectify any outstanding items.  This is a courtesy, not an obligation to do so.

In order to minimise any problems, we have compiled a checklist to assist you. Please note this list does not cover all your cleaning obligations but simply highlights the more common items that in our experience need to be attended to.

Cleaning Guide

  • The stove should be cleaned thoroughly inside and out. Proper oven cleaner should be used and left for the recommended time to enable all grease to be removed.Do not forget to clean the griller, drip trays, beside and behind the oven.
  • Rangehood filters need to be removed and all grease cleaned off.
  • Venetian and vertical blinds should be dusted and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Air-conditioning filters should be removed gently, vacuumed and wiped with a damp sponge.
  • Flyscreens should be vacuumed and wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust.
  • Windows, window sills and tracks & grooves need to be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Scuff marks etc should be cleaned from the walls with a gentle product, and skirting boards wiped free of dust.
  • Light fittings are to be cleaned and bugs removed along with dusting cobwebs from the walls and ceilings.
  • All floors need to be swept/mopped and carpets to be professionally steam cleaned. A receipt for this work should be handed in with the keys.
  • All cupboards must be empty, cleaned inside and out.
  • When cleaning the bathroom, pay particular attention to removing soap scum, calcium deposits, mildew and other residue from the grouting, tiles and shower screen. You should use one of the many products on the market specifically for the purpose.
  • All furniture and upholstery should be left in a clean condition. If repairs are needed, please arrange before the final inspection. If you have stained the upholstery, employ a professional to clean it and retain the receipt for office use or possible re-imbursement.
  • Wipe out the inside of the washing machine and dryer. Remove and clean the lint filter. Remember to clean behind and around the washing machine and dryer as well.
  • Fridges and freezers should be empty, defrosted, cleaned out and freshly smelling. Power to these appliances should be turned off and doors left slightly open
  • All rubbish bins must be emptied, cleaned out and disinfected. This includes the wheelie bins as well.
  • If provided, the vacuum cleaner should be left clean and empty.
  • Check to see that all light bulbs are in working order and replace where appropriate.
  • Leave all user manuals in a kitchen drawer.
  • Make sure all remotes are accounted for and left in a sensible place near the relevant appliance.
  • Go through the inventory and ensure all items are present. Breakages or missing items are to be replaced.
  • If applicable, mow the lawns, weed the garden and yard throughout, prune bushes and remove all garden rubbish.
  • Ensure NO discarded possessions or rubbish is left under the building or elsewhere.
  • Ensure the garage/carport is cleaned and all rubbish removed. Special cleaning products should be purchased for the removal of oil stains.
  • Where applicable, gutters should be cleaned. We recommend that a handyman be employed by you for this job.

Vacating the Property

Remember this is your opportunity to ensure that all outstanding issues have been finalised so that your bond can be refunded to you as quickly as possible!

You will need to return the following to our office at 201 Leichhardt Street, Spring Hill:

  • all keys to the property,
  • remotes for the garage doors,
  • forwarding address and bank account details,
  • receipt for the steam cleaning of carpets and furniture (if applicable) and flea control ( if applicable).

This needs to be done on the vacate date by 4.45pm if it is a business day, otherwise by 9am on the next business day. Keys can be placed in the drop box located at the front of our office any time. If the keys are not handed in as required, then rent will be payable until you do or alternatively, when we have the locks re-keyed. Should re-keying be required, then we will seek to recover this cost from the bond.

Upon receipt of the keys we will then undertake a final inspection and report back to you with any outstanding issues (if any) that are in need of attention. Usually you will be given 24 hours to fix any problems that are identified. If this is not possible, then we will have it dealt with professionally and will seek to recover such costs from the bond.

Refunding your Bond

Once the condition of the property is satisfactory, we will sign the bond over to you (RTA form 4) less any deductions, if applicable. You can claim the bond monies in cash from any Australia Post Office usually within 30 minutes or alternatively, have the funds transferred to your bank account.

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